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Homebuilt Barracuda Airplane




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This outstanding, one-of-a-kind project is the 3rd plane built by master craftsman Dennis Jacobs. His first plane, a Jurca Tempete of all wood construction, took 12 years to build and is listed in "Jane’s All World Aircraft Encyclopedia" under French Homebuilts. His second plane, a Burt Rutan delta wing rear engine VariViggen, was a 16-year endeavor.

Cover of Sport Aviation, September 2002Jacobs logged nearly 300 hours in his VariViggen and garnered several awards, including Best Wood Construction and Best Craftsmanship. He is featured on the cover of the September 2002 issue of Sport Aviation. (The entire article can be viewed at the website: http://eaa.org/benefits/sportaviation/sept02toc.html.)

The Barracuda is an ultimate flying machine, with an estimated cruise speed of ~220 miles per hour. Dennis used his vast building and flying experience to incorporate a number of custom features in the construction of this airplane, such as:

  • The entire wood fuselage is covered with a layer of fiberglass for added strength and protection.
  • The instrument panel can be disassembled in sections, so that the entire panel does not have to be removed to work on any one particular instrument.
  • In addition to the main fuel tanks in the leading edge of the wings, wing tip fuel tanks were added to minimize the need for refueling.
  • The plush, tailored interior velour side panels are installed with Velcro strips, removable for simplified cleaning.
  • Inspired by the supple curves of a dolphin, the fuselage design is streamlined making it both visually stunning and aerodynamically sound.

Great attention and care was paid to every detail, in every aspect of the design and construction of the Barracuda. Dennis' innovative, unique additions make it a first class, user-friendly plane that is easily maintained.

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